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This wiki has been created to give you a chance to learn more about what you can expect next year at the Academy as well as give you a chance to collaborate with both the facilitators and your peers. To add new content to any of the pages, click on the edit button located at the top of the content box for each page. You can find the pages listed in the navigation bar to the left. For any other help, check out the help section located in the top right hand corner of this screen.

An email has been sent to students who gave email addresses at the conferences with Principal Godi and another has been sent to parents who gave their contact information instead. Several emails were declared undeliverable so check with your friends to see if they have gotten the email. If not, please pass along the username and password login information so we can all participate and start sharing our awesome thoughts!
  • Username: firstname.lastname
  • Default password: learner (please change this in your settings ASAP!!)

New Wiki Content!!

Starting this Monday (April 1st), be on the lookout for regular updates to pages listed on the Titan Cogitations page (last page on the navigation sidebar which will be accessible to all users on Monday). Content will be updated on various topics regularly and your participation is most certainly desired. And no, it is not an April fool's joke :P

Titan Wiki Norms

In order to ensure quality and constructive use of this wikispace, it is important for all members to follow some consistent norms in order to respectfully interact with each other.
  • Keep other's post intact and in its original form. If you have something to add to a topic, simply add your things directly above or below it.
  • When adding content to a page, put it at the top of the page so that your peers can see the most recent additions first.
  • Add a line separator (return) between posts so that each new thought is easy to read and things don't run together.
  • Include your first name and last initial to any new content that you add so we know who all the cool ideas come from.
  • Pages are for adding new content and sharing ideas. Use the discussion link on each page to talk back and forth to each other.

Have ideas for additional pages?

Request new pages by posting in the discussion section of this page. The link is in the top right corner of the content box. A facilitator will add the page for you. Possible new pages could include:
  • Topics you are interested in collaborating with your peers about
  • Ideas for clubs or organizations you would like to participate in at the Academy
  • Resources such as websites, blogs, etc. you think other Academy students would enjoy
  • Upcoming activities you are interesting participating in
  • Anything else you can think of!!


Check out the FAQ page for common questions and answers. Ask questions in the discussion section and they will be answered by facilitators in the content box.

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